Top Reasons to Visit Pedernales Falls State Park in Fall & Winter

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Pedernales Falls State Park is one of the jewels of the Texas Hill Country, and best of all it’s right around the corner from Ranch 3232. As a destination that offers swimming, it’s a popular summer spot to make a day trip from Austin—or even a long weekend or a full week of hiking, kayaking, light caving, and more. The park isn’t just for warm summer days, though. Here are a few reasons to make it your fall or winter weekend getaway.

1. Fewer Crowds

The park gets a high volume of visitors in the summer months, particularly over holiday weekends. The high visitation rate means that parking is limited, sometimes so limited that it’s only available to visitors with campsite reservations. In the fall, however, school is back in session and the crowds ease up. Parking is typically not a problem, and there is more serenity to be had.

2. Better Weather

In case you missed the memo, Texas is really hot in the summer. After Labor Day, the weather begins to cool to more bearable temperatures. During early fall (September/October) it’s typically still warm enough to get in the water. In the later fall months or if there’s a cold snap in winter, check into their options for canoeing and kayaking. And due to the naturally dark skies, it’s also a great location for stargazing.

Image: Jon Flobrant on Unsplash.
Image: Jon Flobrant on Unsplash.

3. Fall/Winter Foliage at Pedernales Falls State Park

The Texas Hill Country may be a little late to the fall-foliage game, but better late than never. Look for beautiful fall foliage at Pedernales Falls State Park in late fall. (We suggest late October through the end of November, with mid-November typically being the peak.)

4. Less Goop on your Skin

Once the days shorten, the weather cools, and the leaves start to turn. Then we get a bit of a break from two things: sun and bugs. While we still recommend wearing sunscreen if you’re spending any time at all outside, it’s typically not necessary to slather it on every hour like it is in the summertime. It tends to be cooler so long sleeves and pants offer adequate coverage. The later the season, the lower the SPF rating you need. You will need less bug spray, too.

More Benefits

What’s the best part about a visit to Pedernales Falls State Park in the fall? Having access to a real shower and a real bed after a day of hiking, swimming, and exploring in nature. Check out the micro cabins at Ranch 3232. At just 2 miles from the park, Ranch 3232 is set in the same beautiful wilderness as the park itself, offers creature comforts—like a kitchenette and cozy beds—and no fiddling with tent poles. We also offer RV sites and a clean bath house with laundry facilities as well. With sweeping vistas on the property, the sunsets are just as pretty as the stargazing. Check out our lodging page for more information and booking.

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