Welcome to Ranch 3232

Sustainable micro resort lodging in the heart of Texas Hill Country

Book one of our micro cabins or roomy casitas now, starting at $95

Low-impact lodging ideal for vacations, weekend getaways, and work sabbaticals

Cozy Micro Cabin 1

$ 95.00 From / per night

Cozy Micro Cabin 2

$ 95.00 From / per night

Casita with Loft

$ 145.00 From / per night

Natural amenities: Check in, then check these out

Located far from the bustle of city life, we'll help you kick back

Get your steps in

Take to the trails and explore

With our location in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, big azure skies above and sweeping surrounds of indigenous trees, plants, and grasses are a perfect backdrop for exploring and kicking back. In a region once covered by an ancient sea, fossil hunting along limestone outcroppings comes naturally.

Experience solar solitude

Rekindle your relationship with the horizon

The sweeping western vistas visible from the bluffs of Ranch 3232 are a perfect canvas for stunning sunsets. Unobstructed by manmade structures, take in the naturally cinematic view, ever changing as the sun dashes toward the horizon in a glorious exit.

Attend an all-star party

Gaze toward the night sky in all its glory

Far removed from the effects of metropolitan light pollution, the dark skies over Ranch 3232 make millions of stars pop, constellations discernible, and planets brilliant. A mosaic ready-made for excellent viewing with the naked eye, binoculars, or a portable telescope.

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